Take a Big Bite Out of a Big Bun

Big Bun Drive In is a classic American restaurant in Boise, ID

It’s suppertime, and you hear that familiar rumbling sound coming from your stomach. Don’t sell your taste buds short by dining at a fast food chain! Satisfy your hearty appetite at Big Bun Drive In, an old-fashioned drive in restaurant in Boise, Idaho. We serve classic American food, including:

Everything on our menu is made-to-order, so you can rest assured your food will arrive hot and taste delicious. Ready to taste the Big Bun difference for yourself? Stop by one of our two drive-thru windows for fast service.

Try One of Our Time-Tested Specialties

Try One of Our Time-Tested Specialties

Order Finger Steaks and a Boston Shake

Big Bun is dedicated to serving up flavorful, classic American food. Try one of our specialties to be blown away!

Big Bun regulars love our classic Finger Steaks, which were invented by our original owners, the Randall family. Our Finger Steaks are marinated for two days before being battered, fried and served hot. Another Big Bun classic is the Boston Shake: a milkshake with a sundae on top. You just can’t beat that!

Where Classic American Fare Meets Old-School Values

Where Classic American Fare Meets Old-School Values

Big Bun Drive In serves the Boise, ID community

Here at Big Bun, we go beyond just serving up smiles with mouthwatering cheeseburgers and lip-smacking milkshakes. We contribute to the success of our community in a number of ways. Here are three things that we do to strengthen the Boise, ID region:

  • We buy our beef locally. Not only does it taste better, but the 100% choice beef from RR Ranch also supports local farmers.
  • We support a number of Boise institutions. These include the Alzheimer’s Association of Idaho and the YMCA, as well as local schools.
  • We preserve a tasty piece of Boise history. We still serve our Finger Steaks, a Boise classic that was invented by our longtime owners.

Visit our Boise, ID burger joint to preserve venerable traditions while making new ones.